This site seeks to promote the exchange of information amongst those who share a common Australian heritage. Much of the information on this site is the product of collaboration since my interest in family history started in 1988.

There are always some sensitivities in publishing family history information and I hope none of this information will cause offence. The names of the living are not published. If I have erred in the status of a relative please met me know.

I have amassed a considerable amount of information. There will almost certainly be some errors - if you have more accurate information, or additional information, please contact me.



Sergeant Peter Gerald McMahon with (John) Kevin and James - 1936



Welcome to the Australian Genealogy (Aussie Genes) website. This site seeks to promote genealogy and to share information. It has no commercial links.

I have included a short summary of 'my' McMahons. You can also directly reference an article I published in 1993 on Patsy Daley the bushranger, related to my Kenniwell/Pickering/Daley side of the family. This article was the product of several years work and revealed for the first time what became of Patsy Daley who, along with his cousin John O'Malley, rode with Ben Hall the day they all officially became bushrangers. He had disappeared from public view after his release from prison in 1872.

Also of great interest are the Vigors and McLeods, English and Scottish migrants to Queensland.

My wife's family is reflected largely in the Queensland Kellehers and the South Australian and Broken Hill Campbells, Osborns and Langleys.

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