The flag bearer of the McMahon family in Australia was James Clancy McMahon, arriving in 1864. His father appears to have died in Ireland and his mother in America where a number or the siblings emigrated. They were centred in Covington, Indiana.

He fairly quickly moved to Warwick, Queensland, and established Wheatvale. He had 9 children by Honora Garvey, often referred to as the 'first family', who died in 1882. He married Eliza Bray in 1887 and hence the 'second family' of 10 children. His life was cut short by a horse fall outside of Warwick in 1899. Eliza Bray died in Brisbane in 1942.

However, the family history in Australia started in 1818 with the arrivals of George Kenniwell and Harriot Sampson. They were unrelated and were transported in different convict ships, marrying in 1822. George led a fairly troubled life culminating in his manslaughter in Newcastle in 1832. Harriot also died relatively young in Windsor in 1848.

One of their daughters, Ellen Kenniwell, married the convict Richard Pickering in 1845. Richard had been transported in 1827, absconding with his two convict brothers soon after their arrival. He was recaptured and imprisoned.  Much of their lives appeared to have been dedicated to the gold fields of NSW and Victoria. They were buried in Cowra in 1903 and 1891 respectively.

Ellen Pickering married James Joseph Daley in 1875, melding the Irish and English ancestries in this leg of the family. James was the son of John Daley and Ellen Downey. John Daley appears to have arrived in Australia around 1840, possibly as a free settler. Ellen migrated to Australia with her family as a child in 1838. The Daleys lived in the Weddin Mountains and were in the epicentre of NSW bushranging. James Daley was a brother of Patsy, and cousin to John and Patsy O'Meally, who were bushrangers. The Arramagong property, on which they all lived, was well known to other bushrangers including Ben Hall who lived on a nearby property, the Wheogo. John and Ellen are buried in Grenfell after their deaths in 1868 and 1876 respectively.

Ellen Pickering moved to Queensland some time after the death of James in Forbes in 1898 and her re-marriage in 1901. She died in Brisbane in 1943. Her daughter Eileen Magdaline Daley married Peter Gerald McMahon, the son of James Clancy McMahon in 1911. Eileen and Peter died in Brisbane in 1967 and 1963 respectively.

McMahons and Vigors married in the following generation.

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