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This site seeks to promote the exchange of information amongst those who share a common Australian heritage. Much of the information on this site is the product of collaboration since my interest in family history started in 1988.
The fact that some of the information has been supplied by family members or contributors offers considerable benefits to researchers but it also means that it is difficult to validate some of the information. If you have more accurate information, wish to correct any entries or have additional information, please contact me.

There is always some sensitivity in publishing family history information and I hope none of this information will cause offence. The names of the living are not knowingly published. If I have erred in the status of a relative please met me know.

Crime and Punishment

Constables Kevin and Jim McMahon with their father, Sergeant Peter McMahon, in 1937. The constables’ great Uncle, Patsy Daley, rode with Ben Hall and this photo was taken in 1872 when released from Pentridge.

This is the boat that his younger brother Thomas was said to have arrived on but no passenger list is available. However, the Brisbane Courier, on 17 June 1865, listed passengers which included a James, 23, Mary and Thomas, 19.


The flag bearer of the McMahon family in Australia was James Clancy McMahon was born around 1843 in Loughill, Limerick, Ireland, being the third eldest of 11 children. He was said to have arrived on the Ariande in 1864 but he may well have arrived in June aboard the Lobelia.


It is important to understand the background of the 26,000 acre Arramagong Run near Grenfell to understand the context of bushranging activity near Grenfell around 1860.
The Arramagong property had two important features conducive to bushranging. It was in the midst of rich goldfields which were not closely policed. It was also nestled close to the Weddin Mountains.


George was baptised in Sutton Cum Lound, Nottingham, around 1799, having been born in or close to Reford. He was the son of Thomas Kenniwell and Elizabeth Hay. His father was a farmer and both appeared to be able to read and write in the way they signed the register and it was later established that George could also write. From 1795 to 1802 they had 8 children with five dying as infants

Albert Thomas Vigor was born at Malanda, Atherton Tablelands, on 13 April 1919. He served in a RAAF bomber squadron in Scotland after training at Mount Gambier.